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Please Love Me Again. I Swear I Won’t Leave You Again…

Without warning

I’m Not Going to Unfollow for Activity

Since mine sucks, and I like when people are gone cuz then my dash is cleaner lol.

But I am going to go on an unfollow streak.

Things I Need To Update

  • Scott Mayfield
  • Quitt -> end of the world
  • Brachel -> Angel/Demon
  • My Newblood Plots (2 of them)

Anything else?


Matt Bomer and Candice Accola
Requested by anon

Alright, I might play these two together instead of Joseph/Candice 

Ellen Page and Aaron Johnson
Requested by anon

Omg. Great pairing!

Darren Criss and Ashley Tisdale
Requested by danixxsmythexx 

I can totally see them as brother/sister! <3 But I’ll like either of their fc’s!

Logan Lerman and Ariana Grande
Requested by anon

I’m really shipping them together right now for some reason… 

Naomi Watts